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Title: Managed 2 – A Rock Star Romance
Author: Clarissa Carlyle
Cover: Clarissa gave me permission to use the cover on my blog.
Hailey is hired as Jasper’s PR representative after a sex scandal hit social media and damaged his career. Her job is to rebuild his tattered reputation.

As she works with him she finds he is a different person than the rock star image he shows the world. Before she knows it she feels herself becoming lost in his eyes.

When he tries to kiss her, she felt her life spinning out of control. In desperation, she ran out in the street with him following her. Wanting to catch up with her he never noticed the speeding taxi that struck him.

Now, she fears for Jasper’s life and when he asks to help with his recovery, she is powerless to resist. As she helps him get back on his feet, she finds herself questioning whether she can keep her personal life away from her professional career.

My review:
It was good that Clarissa didn’t let us wait too long for the second book. Jasper survived the accident with the cab quite good and he stands up for Hailey when her boss wants to take his account away from her. Her boss warns him that if she’ll lose the job if she makes out with him so that’s when he decides that he needs to play the bad rock star to keep her from falling for him. I didn’t like that it’s another open end but I hope both Hailey and Jasper will learn that the partners they’ve chosen aren’t the right ones for them