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Title: Managed 4
Author: Clarissa Carlyle
Cover: Clarissa gave me the permission to use the book cover for my blog.


Autumn’s impulsiveness and bad behavior is wearing on Jasper’s nerves. Although his fans adore her, they don’t see the wild child behind closed doors. He knows her drinking is getting out of control, and she doesn’t seem to want to stop.
Hailey is busy with her new client. She doesn’t have the time to devote to Jasper, but still she keeps his positive image intact with the media.

As Autumn continues to lose control, will Jasper have the patience to want to stay by her side? Or will he try to win back Hailey’s attention? Will he have a chance of rekindling the flame that once burned bright with Hailey? Or will he discover that she had grown tired of waiting for him to make a decision and has moved forward with her life?

Note: This series contains some adult situations. 18+, mature audiences recommended.

My review:

I finished reading “Managed 4” today, the final book of the amazing series by Clarissa Carlyle. The last book ended with a cliffhanger where someone broke into Jasper’s room. Well it’s only Autumn ruining the evening because everyone is surely waiting for Jasper to come clean about his feelings. Clarissa keeps us waiting and you want to shake up Jasper for being so stupid, thinking about giving Autumn a try. Hailey is busy with her new client Kaira so she is late to Jasper’s event where Autumn and Tara are getting into a catfight. The drama continues from there but maybe there’s still hope on a happy end