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Title: Guarding her – A secret  baby romance
Author: Lexi Whitlow
Cover: No permission to use the book cover on my blog yet


Guarding her is my duty.
And my desire.
Fate brought us back together.
Now that I’m her bodyguard…
Who’s going to guard her body from me?

Avery is a nightmare.
That smart spoiled mouth of hers turns me on.
Maybe that’s why she’s the only girl I’ve ever loved?
My contract with her famous parents has me on her ass 24-7.
But I’m not allowed to touch her.
She’s teasing me. She’s taunting me.
And soon I have her bent over my knee,
screaming my name.
No one will know.
It’s just a little fun.
Until player three enters the game.
There’s a baby on the way, and everything changes.
I’ll risk everything to guard her and keep what’s mine.

My review:

I really enjoyed reading ‘Guarding her’ a story about Avery and Maddox who were forced to go separate ways after Avery’s graduation coz her parents didn’t approve of Maddox. Seven years later he got hired by her parents to keep her safe and on time for her mother’s events. At first she tries to get rid of her new bodyguard but in time they discover long lost longings. After Avery’s stalker put another threat out, Maddox takes her away but Avery gives in and works for her mother so Maddox can keep his job as he needs the money to pay for his mother’s treatments. The shit hits the fan when Maddox discovers how cruel Avery’s parents really are..