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Title: Dex
Author: Stacy Claflin
Cover: Stacy gave me the permission to use the book cover for my blog.


A world of mindless zombies. A lone traveler kills to stay alive. To survive a new threat, his only choices are trust or death…

Dex fears humans more than the hordes of wandering undead. After 11 years in survival mode, he’s learned how to fight the wandering killers. But humans are unpredictable, and in the chaotic ruins of civilization, one unplanned move can get you killed.

After an attack by the zombified version of a beloved family member, Dex resolves to travel back to his hometown. As he searches for surviving friends and family, he encounters a new breed of wanderer… less grotesque, but just as hungry for flesh.

To combat the new enemy, Dex must re-learn how to trust his fellow travelers. If he fails, he has no chance of reaching his hometown alive.

Dex is a post-apocalyptic zombie adventure with both thrills and heart. If you like tales of undead survival, compelling characters, and new twists on classic horror, then you’ll love USA Today bestselling author Stacy Claflin’s edge-of-your-seat thriller.

My review:

I’m not a fan of zombies. I could never watch The Walking Dead without having nightmares so I never intended on reading a book about zombies until Stacy Claflin offered a ARC copy. I liked the story of Dex, who lives on his own, fighting wanderers, as he calls them, on a daily basis. One day he gets attacked by a wanderer he knows – it’s his mother. He starts to wonder if the rest of his family is still alive and plans to go back ‘home’. But first he gets saved by a few people when he follows a girl that he thinks was still human when in reality it was a vaccinated wanderer. He never heard of such zombies but happens to sleep in an old mental hospital where he discovers wanderers in the next building in the morning. In the third building he finds people in different vaccinated stations. One girl, Lucy seems most different. Dex and her escape the hospital and he learns that she’s the only one fully vaccinated. Find out yourself what happens next to them..