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Title: Cherry on top
Author: Elise Noble
Cover: Elise gave me the permission to use the book cover for my blog.


“Let’s keep this civil. We should treat each other with respect.”

When Cherry Sanders gets unceremoniously dumped by Craig, those are his parting words. And she tries, really she does. But when Craig accidentally lets slip how he really feels, Cherry and Olivia, her boss at the Red Velvet bakery, decide a little revenge is the only option.

Enter copious amounts of frosting, one shiny BMW, and Lachlan, a handsome astro…astro… Does it really matter after what they do? Just pass the damn wine…

Cherry on Top is a standalone romantic comedy novella in the Blackwood UK series – no cliffhanger!

My review:

Love this book that I got from Elise Noble in exchange for an honest review and I’d definitely want to read more of Cheryl and Lachlan. Cheryl got dumped by her fiancé Craig who wanted to keep things honourable but then sends out an email to his friends where they rate their exes. Cheryl only gets an 3.5 and he complained a lot, especially about her cakes with sparkly glitter. That makes her boss Olivia come up with the idea to decorate Craig’s car. Hehe, great idea but unfortunately they turn the wrong car into a beautiful glittery cupcake.. That’s how Cherry gets to meet Lachlan, the guy who rented her old house and he helps her to get the right kind of revenge ^^