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Title: A Cowboy for Christmas
Author: Celia Aaron
Cover: Celia gave me the permission to use the book cover on my blog.


I don’t need a woman in my business—especially not one with a smart mouth and a curvy body. Molly Gale has been nothing but trouble ever since she showed up at the ranch next door. And now, right before a huge snowstorm hits on Christmas Eve, I have to go to her homestead. Have to see her, have to get another whiff of her strawberry scent. It’s enough to drive a man mad. But I’ll keep things professional, keep my hands to myself, and do what needs to be done. It’s the perfect plan …
Until my horse throws me and I need help from none other than the woman with the fiery tongue and the deliciously thick hips.
Yippee ki yay and Merry Christmas to me.

My review:

Thanks for the chance to read your latest book “A cowboy for Christmas” Celia Aaron

At first Ingram didn’t like his neighbor Molly very much and the feeling was likewise. When he found out some cattle was missing and a lost lighter gave clue of the rustlers, he’s riding over to tell Molly but a snow storm is coming and he hurt himself by falling of his horse. Molly takes him inside and looks after his wounded knee. The morning after Molly finds her bull and other cattle missing, the windshields demolished. So she and Ingram make their way to the Piper Farm to get her animals back but find that Trey wasn’t the hustler. When they get back to Molly’s ranch, the barn is on fire and despite everything they do, can’t be saved. That’s when enemies become lovers and to not spoil any more, I’ll let you find out yourself if they find out who the hustler is.