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Title: The Billionairess
Author: Ann Omasta
Cover: Ann gave me the permission to use the book cover for my blog.


Strong. Smart. Sexy. Rich. Lonely.
What if having it all isn’t enough?

Selena Chase has reached the pinnacle of success. She is a powerful, fiery, incredibly wealthy woman.

Although it hasn’t been an easy climb, she is proud to be one of the world’s only billionairesses.

It can be lonely at the top, though. Could it be that all of the goals she has been laser-focused on for her entire life weren’t what she truly wanted?

Can an ‘ordinary’ guy help Selena find the happiness she craves? Find out NOW by getting swept into the heartwarming story of The Billionairess.

This sweet billionaire romance novella can be read as a standalone book.

My review:

I have received an ARC of this book and my honest review is that I’m not a big fan of billionaire stories as too many tend to write about it lately but since I loved Ann’s other books, I gave it a chance. Selena is a lonely billionairess who’s only friend is her gay assistant Todd. When she’s dealing with a migraine Todd orders a massage for her and Hunter is nothing like she’s seen before. He doesn’t obey to her order on massaging her sitting at her desk but tells her she’s going to lay on his table or he’ll leave. He’s not intimidated by her money and she finally gives in to the best massage ever.. When she sees him at his shop a bit later, she flirts with him but he blocks her by telling her it would never work between them. It was a bit annoying how strictly Hunter is against trying even after Selena goes on a quite special camping adventure with him. They both go on separate ways but Selena’s whole life is about to chance soon.

Thank you Ann Omasta!