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Title: The Lipstick Smudgers
Author: Ann Omasta
Cover: Ann gave me the permission to use the book cover on my blog.


The Neighbor: After daydreaming about him from afar, Sabrina is finally ready to act on her fantasies with her super-sexy neighbor, Ethan. Will one sizzling night be enough, or will it ignite the burning flames of desire she has kept deeply buried for so long?

His Best Friend’s Wife: Reed saw Cassie first. He wanted her first. He ached for her first. But his best friend claimed her first. When Reed finally gets the chance for a night of scorching passion in the arms of the woman he loves, will it quench his thirst or leave him yearning for more?

The Rescuer: Cade owes Becca. She needs him. He’ll save her… no matter what. What happens when the rescuer needs to be rescued? Will Cade and Becca be able to save each other?

Ethan, Reed, and Cade are sexy heroes who are talented at smudging their ladies’ lipstick, not their mascara. Meet them NOW in The Lipstick Smudgers Series.

My review:

I’ve read an ARC of this book but only the first story was new to me. However, I will post a review for every book so you can decide if you want to read Ann’s new release – and you should.

The Neighbor: Sabrina and her husband Mick no longer have a happy marriage, if ever. In fact he treats her really badly, telling her she is no longer sexy since she put on weight. Her friend Carla keeps on telling her she should leave him and go screw the sexy neighbour Ethan. First Sabrina trys to withstand the temptation since she’s not a cheater but when she finally gives in, they get caught. Will there be a happy ever after for her or isn’t that for her?

His best friend’s wife: Ohhhh WOW! This book was nothing I expected and hot as hell. At first you think that Reed is dreaming his encounter with Cassie, followed by the worst imaginable nightmare. What his best friend Dirk put him through is hard to come across and you start to think that Reed will stay away for good but then everything changes again.

The Rescuer: WOW! This story starts out with Becca being in a bank flirting with an amazing man and his deaf daughter as robbers appear. When they attempt to take the deaf girl hostage, Becca freely steps in to be taken. Never would she have imagined for Cade to come rescue her and as impossible as it seems, they manage to free themselves. Cade takes Becca home with them and they end up having sex when the story surprisingly turns…