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Title: White Hot (Blackwood Security Book 9)
Author: Elise Noble
Cover: Elise gave me the permission to use the book cover on my blog.


When private investigator Daniela di Grassi is given a new case, the evidence is so compelling that even her client himself thinks he did it. Ethan White was one of the world’s top music producers, at least until last week, when his spectacular fall from grace began with the discovery of a mutilated college student in his bed.

A dead girl nobody cares about, cops with one agenda, and a prosecutor with another—nothing about this case is simple. And when Dan digs deeper into the mystery, the conflicting clues aren’t the only thing she finds intriguing. Ethan’s got his own secrets too.

As the worlds of black and white collide, who will come out on top?

White Hot is the ninth book in the Blackwood Security series but can be read as a standalone – no cliffhanger!

My Review:

I could hardly lay away this book since the story was thrilling. Emmy hands Dan a pro-bono case as revenge for her demolished car. Three kids want to hire them to prove The Ghost wasn’t guilty. The Ghost known as Ethan should have committed murder and the case looks waterproof but Dan soon finds out that a few things didn’t add up. Be prepared for interesting suspects and great Emmy action. Never once until more than halfway through the book did I have an idea on who could have been behind it all and when Dad tells Ethan about her stillborn son, I was close to tears. Little did she know then what fate has in store for her.
Another amazing Blackwood Security book. A series you need to read!