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Title: Rhodium
Author: Elise Noble
Cover: Elise gave me the permission to use the book cover on my blog.


Lawyers. Stefanie Amor’s had enough of them to last a lifetime. One left her heartbroken, the other left her in bed and did a runner. But as the witness in a murder case, she’s got no choice but to cooperate with defence attorney Oliver Rhodes, a great white shark who gets his kicks from chewing up lesser mortals and spitting out their sorry remains.

Oliver has two passions in life: money and winning. Stefanie’s a shiny new toy he’s not supposed to have, pretty to look at but so easy to break. Playtime’s fun, but what happens when the game isn’t a game anymore?

Rhodium is a standalone novel in the Blackwood Elements series and tells the tale of two side characters from White Hot. It’s a pure romance novel–there’s no suspense in this one! 

My review:

You can read “Rhodium” as a stand alone novel but since it starts where “White Hot” ends, you might want to start there. The story is about Stefanie, the girl who slept with the murder in the previous book and Oliver, the lawyer who fights to get the killer imprisoned. Stefanie spent one night with Oliver in the last book but the next morning he acted distant as can be, so she goes on living her own life but can’t get him out of her mind. When Oliver needs her for the case, she doesn’t want to see him again but over time they happen to see each other again more often. While Stefanie would want more, Oliver can’t commit to more than a no strings attached deal. However the story takes an unexpected turn when Oliver visits her at her parent’s house but when you start to think everything will finally fall into place, Elise plots out another turn. I loved this book and enjoyed every bit of the story. I felt sad when Stefanie didn’t get what she wished for, furious at Randy and never to forget I grinned at Emmy’s appearances. Well done, I can’t wait for the next book!
I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book.