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Title: In Blood we trust
Author: Elodie Colt
Cover: Elodie gave me the permission to use the book cover on my blog.


Her life – the system. Her job – a mysterious case. Her problem – sinfully hot Lieutenant Aiden Davis who watches her every step.
Ever since mankind found a cure for cancer, the world seems to be a better place. The price? Blood donations from the entire population. For the rest of their lives. And the worst thing? Jordan Lively has the rarest blood type, so her blood is extremely valuable.
She’s an NYPD detective with heart and soul, but then a mysterious case falls into her lap, one that could cost her more than her job if anyone finds out she even knows about it. She’s compelled to get to the bottom of it, even under the watchful eye of her new boss—sexy-as-hell Lieutenant Aiden Davis.
Can Jordan solve the case that will threaten the system? A system that saved millions of lives? Duty or honor – a choice no detective should ever have to make. Now, if she can just leave love out of it…

My review:

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for a honest review.

Jordan lives in 2078 where there’s a cure for cancer but the side effects cause recipients to drink blood regularly. While Jordan hates the whole procedure she has the rarest blood type and needs to donate blood not only once a month like every other person but once a week. When her boss retires he hands her top secret information on 5 killings she needs to solve,little does she know that her new boss Aidan will back her up and help her. While doing her job Jordan is handed a new case, one that reminds her of her horrible past… and it seems her past is playing catch up. Can she solve this case and will she survive? Find out yourself, this book is absolutely worth reading!