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Title: Sweet Reunion (Indigo Bay Sweet Romance 11)
Author: Stacy Claflin
Cover: Stacy gave me permission to use the book cover on my blog.


She’s determined to stay single, but everyone else is determined to see her married.

Maggie Kendrick is trying to start over in the enchanting beach town where she spent her summers growing up. Life has thrown her one too many wrenches, and now she’s resolved to move on—without a man.

Aunt Lucille has made it her life’s mission to see Maggie walk down the aisle. Everyone knows it too, as Lucille has tried to set Maggie up with every available bachelor in Indigo Bay.

Canyon Leblanc was Maggie’s first love, and he just returned to town. Sparks start flying again—stronger than ever. Distance has definitely made their hearts grow fonder, but Canyon has spent the last seven years living a wild and destructive lifestyle, and that reputation labels him a less-than-desirable catch.

Maggie and Canyon see past each other’s situations, but nobody in town wants them to get together, least of all Aunt Lucille. Friends, family, and even an enemy work hard to keep them apart.

Will Maggie open her heart to love again despite the many obstacles, or will the single life prove to be her best option?

My review:

I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book.

A really sweet romance story!

Maggie returned to Indigo Bay after a failed engagement and she’s determined never to date again, believing nobody wants her if they knew her secret. While first wondering what her secret might be, it gets explained soon. Back at Indigo Bay she runs into an old time friend Canyon who happened to be her first time love as well as the other way round but neither of them were aware of it before. While Canyon is known as a womanizer due to working on a cruise ship, everything changes as he sees Maggie again. It’s almost too sweet until her aunt tells her she doesn’t want Maggie to see Canyon again. Then out of the blue her ex-fiancé Dan calls her with important information. When she blocks his number he shows up at the beach, telling her about the false test results. While Dan thinks these information is enough for Maggie to come running back and marrying him as a reader you’d want to punch him for being an arrogant twat. In fact Dan manages quite a chaos and it looks like there won’t be a happy ending for Maggie and Clayton or will they work things out?

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