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Title: Don’t forget me (An Alex Mercer Thriller Book 5)
Author: Stacy Claflin
Cover: Stacy gave me permission to use the book cover on my blog.



When things can’t get any worse, they always do…

Alex Mercer and his fiancée Zoey have weathered many storms, but this latest one might be too much for even them. She’s hiding a secret she fears will send him running for the hills, and she has to tell him before he finds out on his own. Time is definitely not on her side. But with his busy hours at the police academy, there hardly seems a moment to open up to him.

Alex knows something is wrong with Zoey, but he’s too preoccupied to dig into it. Not only is the academy leaving him physically and mentally drained, he’s convinced he’s seeing Flynn Myer, the man who is supposedly in jail for abducting his daughter. No one believes him, but then he starts getting texts trying to arrange a meeting between him Myer.

Meanwhile, Alex’s boss and mentor, Captain Nick Fleshman, is on the case of a serial killer whose burial ground has been unearthed at the home of one of his deputies—one he has a secret relationship with. While he considers the implications of recusing himself, her father becomes the prime suspect.

Alex wants to help Nick and needs to help Zoey, all while trying to put the Myer case to bed for good. But everyone’s secrets are slowing him down, and the killer is on the prowl again. Alex needs more time, but that’s the one thing no one has left.

My review:

I was overly excited when I got to read this book and it didn’t disappoint. Genevieve and Tinsley are working in her parent’s garden when they dig up a box of two skeletons. That’s a shock but these twins weren’t the only girls buried there.. Soon a connection between one girl and Genevieve’s dad appears and she’s furious that her dad goes fishing all day long, not helping himself not to look guilty. While everyone is working on this serial killer case, Zoey seems to be quite distant but Alex is too worn out by academy to realize. In the last book Zoey was abducted and raped and now it’s time she comes clean with her family and friends about the whole situation. Meanwhile Alex keeps on seeing Flynn, the guy you abducted his daughter and should rot in prison, yet he keeps running into him in various places. Then the messages beginn “Flynn wants to meet you”. At first Alex wants to ignore this stupid game and even block the number but he finally ends up driving to the prison together with Nick and you won’t believe what they’ll find out. I was wondering if this book would end with a cliffhanger, since the case wasn’t solved at 90% but no worries, you’ll get an end and some info to look forward to the next book of this series!

I’ve received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.