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Title: The Scarlet Affair (Blackwood Security Book 10)
Author: Elise Noble
Cover: Elise gave me permission to use the book cover on my blog.



Eight dead men. Eight grieving widows…
After a series of particularly nasty home invasions, Blackwood Security is hired to catch the killers. With the company’s reputation at stake, everyone on the team is desperate to solve the mystery, unaware that there’s a traitor in their midst.
Cade Duchamp’s eager to help, but a minor indiscretion with the wrong girl leaves him banished to undercover duty. He’s always liked motorbikes, but he doesn’t like being a biker. Uncomfortable leather, an itchy beard, a lack of soap—need he say more? Cade wants to be back at head office, hunting down the real bad guys. At least, he does until five-year-old Scarlet turns up. The daughter he never knew he had.
Taylor Hancock likes to fade into the background. As an office cleaner, she can come to work, do her job, and avoid those dreaded social interactions. But nobody says no to Emmy Black, and as Scarlet’s new nanny, Taylor’s forced way out of her comfort zone into a world of shopping trips, parties, and playdates.
The only problem?
She’s the traitor.

The Scarlet Affair is a standalone romantic suspense novel in the Blackwood Security series—no cliffhanger!

My review:

Scarlet gets dropped off at the gate of Blackwood by her mother with a letter letting Cade know she’s his daughter. Cade works on an undercover mission so they need someone to babysit Scarlet and that only leaves Taylor, a cleaning lady who isn’t who she appears to be. Taylor moves into Cade’s house as Scarlet’s nanny and that’s when she starts to realise what she missed out on during the last 6 years with her husband Dean, who wants her to infiltrate Blackwood’s network. Dean tells her Blackwood would be after his employer since they’re both security companies but little did they all knew what’s the real reason behind all this. Only when Cade’s mission fails, the puzzle pieces start to fall together slowly. But things get more complicated when Dean talks Taylor into getting away with him, thinking they’d be in danger coz they’re taking Scarlet, too. The situation gets pretty risky but will it come to a good end?

I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.