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Title: Fresh Beginnings: Michael and Delaney
Clarissa Carlyle & Colette Cabot
Cover: Clarissa gave me permission to use the book cover on my blog.



Laney Sheppard doesn’t want pity, and she doesn’t want to be labeled. All she wants is to escape the tragedy that haunts her dreams and leaves her stumbling by day in a waking nightmare of loneliness and regret. It is this wish, along with a lifelong desire to be near the sea that spurs Laney to move from her comfortable hometown of Conrad, Iowa to the small fishing village of Garibaldi, Oregon.

While working as a waitress at The Boathouse restaurant, Laney begins to make a new life for herself in Garibaldi – but it isn’t anything like she’d imagined. From exchanging witty repartee with the colorful clientele of The Boathouse, to acclimatizing to the weather and learning how to sail, nothing is as simple as it seems– including Michael Barragan.

Rude and belligerent, the solitary young fisherman repels everyone around him with his irritable demeanor. Laney, however, has no intentions of allowing anyone, especially Michael, to intimidate her. When their personalities collide, Laney and Michael discover a passion that neither had expected and a love that threatens to tear them apart. Can Laney and Michael help each other come to terms with the past; or are some people, like the sea, too tumultuous to tame?

My review:

The story begins with Laney and Jason, a young couple who celebrates their one year wedding anniversary. Soon later Jason got killed while at work and Laney falls into a deep trauma for months. When her mother finally manages to shake her out of her ignorance, she starts to participate in life again. It doesn’t take long for her to realize she needs to move away to not be reminded of Jason everywhere she goes. That’s when she makes her way to Oregon, to work in a small restaurant at the beach. She always wanted to live by the sea and she settles in fast, making new friends. Ethan is interested in Laney but she’s not ready yet, in fact she is sure to never love again. That’s until grumpy Michael accidentally ends up giving her sailing lessons and here the bumpy love story begins. It was a really good read.

I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.