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Title: Silenced Valkyrie (Valhalla’s Curse Book 3)
Author: Stacy Claflin
Cover: Stacy gave me permission to use the book cover on my blog.



A Valkyrie’s work is never done.

At least, Soleil’s work isn’t. And her to-do list is growing.

As one of Valhalla’s most lethal assassins, she’s tasked with vanquishing a terrible dictator on earth. But her association with a pack of supernaturals has put her behind schedule, which has caused the high council of Valkyries to target her for retribution.

She intends to retrieve the dictator’s soul then bargain for her life and freedom when she discovers her boyfriend has been abducted—possibly by agents of Valhalla. Before she can find him, rogue Valkyries confront her and offer her a bargain. If she’ll complete their missions, they’ll help save her parents.

Soleil didn’t even know they were in jeopardy.

Now she has three humans to hunt, a boyfriend to find, and parents to save—all while avoiding a violent pack of Valkyrie hunters and the dangerous agents of Valhalla itself.

And she had hoped to retire soon.

Instead, she sets off on a clandestine mission with global implications. She crosses paths with vampires, werewolves, mesmers, Valkyries, hunters, and witches. But there may not be enough supernatural power in the world to right all the wrongs, save all her loved ones, and earn Soleil her freedom.

My review:

Soleil is back home from Egypt but Titan is missing and she’s worried about him and wants to find him as fast as possible. Titan is somewhere in a prison cell but doesn’t have a clue on how he got there, on who captured him or on how to escape from there. Soleil asks Eveline to run a locator spell on Tristan and it comes up with a few possible locations in Europe. When Soleil talks to the spinning stone it shows Titan is in Italy so that’s where she wants to head, but without any of her friends, to keep them safe. She travels through a thunderstorm by the help of lightning and soon walks into Valkyrie hunters. She follows them since she thinks they might lead her to the dictator but they disappear into a shop. That’s when Toby shows up to help her and it’s good her friends followed her because she walks into a death trap in this shop and wouldn’t have made it out without help. After that Toby calls a local royal vampire for support and Cliff agrees. He and his army do help Soleil to find out everything possible about the location of the dictator as well as his plans. Meanwhile Tristan tried to escape but failed and meets another prisoner, a vampire who plans their escape with him. While her friends concentrate on the dictator, Soleil needs to jet to London to take out one of the other Valkyrie’s target before he blows up a few thousand people but she overcomes hunters again. Will she make it to the Shard in time? And can she finally get the dictator to ask Valhalla for retirement? Don’t forget there’s at least one more target, the one from Ellika. Be prepared for another thrilling chapter of Soleil’s story.

I’ve received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.