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… there’s a rainbow.

If you’re following me for a while you know that I’ve experienced two miscarriages last year. We were told after the first miscarriage in March 2017 that it happens to one of four women. Well, that’s not actually helping when you’re grieving, trying to understand why this has to happen to you. Most people acted quite ignorant, saying “be happy that you already have a child”, but after I opened up about what we were going through, I learned that a lot of friends faced our fate at some point.

Women who suffer from a miscarriage often still don’t talk about it out of shame. Being through it twice, I can only say: Talk about it, it will help you to heal.

It took us a while to decide if we’re brave enough to give it one last try…. we did and we’re finally good to announce that our rainbow baby is due in February 2019 🙂

We were exremely scared this time so we waited way longer to tell our families than when expecting our son. At the end of the first trimester we went to Croatia for our summer vacation. After returning home, we had another appointment at the gyno and once we received the results that everything looked fine this time, we informed our families mid-September, using the card you see above.

I’m already 25 weeks along by now so that means we’ve successfully reached the point where docs over here step in to help the baby in case of premature birth. Right now the baby would already have a 67% chance or surviving but every day more inside the womb helps immensely. Little and still quite gentle kicks let me know that the baby seems to be doing fine although my belly is Pretty small. I was told that your belly grows way faster the often you fall pregnant. Okay.. so far that’s not the case with me, lol. In fact I didn’t gain much weight either but no worries, I eat regularly and don’t even give up on unhealthy sweets etc 😉 My fave craving at the moment are sour sweets. What were you craving during pregnancy?

Unfortunately the baby doesn’t want to let us know the gender so far but our toddler is absolutely sure he’s gonna have a baby brother by next year. They say mothers do have a feeling for the gender but I was clueless with Benjamin and it’s the very same now. We really don’t mind though as long as we get another healthy baby.

We have a lot on our to-do-list, especially when it comes to the children’s room as they’ll be going to share, at least for a few years (hopefully). I will post an update once we are done with the kids room.

Do your kids have their own rooms or are they sharing a room?
I know some have separate kids rooms plus a playing room, unfortunately we don’t have the space for that.

My next gyno appointment will be in the middle of November to check my blood sugar level and I’m counting down the remaining days at work until paid maternity leave starts in January.

Stay tuned for the next update and have a nice week!