Review: Watching Willow

Title: Watching Willow Author: Ann OmastaCover: Ann gave me permission to use the book cover on my blog. *UNPAID ADVERTISEMENT* Story: On the verge of losing her job, local television star Willow Winks desperately seeks the one thing she believes can save her fledgling career––a golden retriever sidekick. Willow thought being told she was getting too old for television was the most frightening thing a celebrity diva could hear––until she.. Read More

Gender reveal of our rainbow baby

Yes we waited a long time before we made my pregnancy public and while others either keep the gender to themselves or reveal it oretty quickly after finding out, I wanted to wait again. Why? Because I ordered fortune cookies for our families to reveal the gender of our rainbow baby at Christmas. After our relatives knew, we could finally think about a motive to post on Social Media. While.. Read More

Time just flew by…

I’m terribly sorry I didn’t post in quite a long time.. but maybe some of you (who are not following me on Instagram) are curious about our Christmas photo as well as a picture of our new fave Christmas ornament, so even if it’s long time over due, I’ll post it now. Enjoy 🙂 This was our Christmas greetings photo: And here’s our fave ornament, gifted by a lovely FB.. Read More